Bhuwana Ubud


Cultural Activity : Balinese Gamelan Guest Program

February 18, 2019
by Bhuwana Ubud Hotel

Gamelan is obviously quite different from western music. Come from Indonesia, its traditional form it is cyclical and consists of different layers of melody. It is a co-operative music with a delicate balance between the various instruments, in which the whole body of sound is important, rather than any individuals. We will provide the simple Balinese-Indonesia Attire. Our Gamelan instructor will assist you to wear it. You will be guided through the basic steps to play this Indonesian xylophone called Gamelan. Mineral water will be served during the class.

In that class, there are seven key points that visitors have to know. Get comfortable with the instrument as soon as possible, Turning practice into a game, 1 to 1 lessons are often the best, Playing music brings people together, Music in a group needs a leader with a plan, Breaking pieces down in to simple parts, and make learning music accessible. Is that great ? Do you interested to join with ? Just come and we learn Gamelan together.