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    Bhuwana Ubud Rebranding

    Posted on July 22, 2015

    Bhuwana Ubud was re-branding with a vision to bring healthy lifestyle into your life. We offer a truly of healthy lifestyle programs, covering: Detox, Rejuvenated body and mind, Marriage Relationship Nature Trekking, Healthy Cooking and Juicing Class.

    With its concept of becoming a healthy hotel, we realizes that it will not be achieve if the surrounding environment does not support a healthy nature ambience. Support from the local community play important role to create the peaceful living. As our commitment to our environment and community, we apply several policies to supports and grow our commitment to become a Sustainable-Ecologically based hotel. It is our responsible that is both ecologically and culturally sensitive.

    Bhuwana socio economic responsibility efforts extend beyond the operational aspects of the hotels to create a positive impact on the community – economically, socially and culturally. This includes employing local people who lives in the surrounding areas, developing the local workforce through skills-based training, using local products and services from local suppliers, as well as educating our guests on local culture and traditions.

    Bhuwana green efforts including several components; soil and water conservation, solid waste management, energy saving, indoor air quality, building infrastructure, land use that are based on ecological principle and community outreach program. Waste management include activities such as, recycle the solid organic waste from our kitchen to become organic fertilizer for our garden. Recycle as much as possible the waste from all department , reuse the plastic bottle for plant watering, compost the organic waste from our garden, and joint with third party if we can’t recycle the waste by our own.

    We also encourage you to take a part in our healthy program by do the following steps such as not requesting daily change towel and sheet, conduct the energy saving by using the key card system in each room to cut all the electricity usage when the you leave the room.