At Bhuwana Ubud we are truly passionate about creating a healthy environment on all different levels. We realize that we will not be able to achieve this if the surrounding environment does not support a healthy ambience.

“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them” – Albert Einstein

Contribute To
The Local Community

This is why we work with support from the local community. We strongly believe in cooperation as it plays a very important role on the path to creating a truly harmonious peaceful lifestyle. As our commitment to our environment and community, we apply several policies to support and grow our commitment to become a 100% Sustainable-Ecologically based hotel. It is our responsibility to be both ecologically and culturally sensitive.

Economic Responsibility

Bhuwana’s socio economic responsibility efforts extend beyond the operational aspects of the structure of a hotel. By striving to create a positive impact on the community – economically, socially and culturally. This includes employing local people who live in the surrounding areas, developing the local workforce through skill-based training, using local products and services from local suppliers, as well as educating our guests on local culture and traditions.

Environmental Responsibility

Bhuwana green efforts including several components; soil and water conservation, solid waste management, energy saving, indoor air quality, building infrastructure, land use that are based on ecological principles and community outreach program. Waste management includes efforts such as, recycling the solid organic waste from our kitchen to become organic fertilizer for our garden, Recycling as much as possible the waste from all departments, reusing plastic bottles for plant watering, and of course composting the organic waste from our garden.

“Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity” – Ralph