As part of Bhuwana Ubud Hotel commitments to sustain the environment at the core (natural & healthy) and contribute to a social and environmentally responsible tourism with the supporting facilities like recycling zone, hydroponics, and aquaponics gardening system. Utilizing hydroponics & aquaponics systems the hotel is saving by producing the lettuce from seed and hotel guests are reaping the benefits as they enjoy produce that is grown pesticide-free from hydroponic nutrients containing all natural and organic ingredients. We offer our world travelers, who share our ideas of a responsible and sustainable tourism and encourage them to visit and stay at Bhuwana Ubud Hotel, give them as much information so that you can appreciate and learn about the program and area.

• Recycling zone
Managing the waste in a sustainable manner with recycling (compositing). Recycle. Save Lives. Protect The Environment.
• Hydroponics
Bhuwana Ubud Hotel is committed to continuing a tradition of offering its guests a taste of ‘local experiences’ to feel good about hydroponics farming that cares about the environment. Plants are grown in a mineral-rich solution on specially constructed growing platforms under controlled temperature and lighting conditions.
• Aquaponics
The aquaponics systems have set up and run at the Bhuwana Ubud Hotel. The very basics of aquaponics is a system of growing plants and fish. Like hydroponics, the plants grow in no soil but unlike hydroponics, the fish provide the nutrients that the plants use to grow then return the water to the fish tank cleaner than when it entered.
Currently there we have aquaponics system running and one system cycling water to build up the beneficial bacteria to break down the fish wastes.