• Activities

    Yoga & Meditation

    The practice of yoga makes the body strong and flexible, it also improves functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal systems. Yoga brings about emotional stability and clarity of mind. In the practice of Yoga the ultimate aim is one of self-development and self-realization.. In our yoga classes, you are exposed to a whole new philosophy to life. Modern medicine now recognizes that over 90% of all health disorders are psychosomatic in nature – they have their origin in the mind.

    Yoga recognizes this holistic aspect of health and a yoga retreat serves a perfect medium for understanding this mind-body connection for health management.


    We provide complimentary bicycles for all our guests at Bhuwana Ubud. There are many hidden spots in Ubud that you can discover but some places are only accessible with bicycle. We invite you to explore the quaint neighborhood villages, or you can also of course just exercise around the hotel grounds.


    Mangosteen, mango, giant passion fruit, grapefruit, guava, edamame, soursop, sugar-apple, pomegranate.. These are just a few of the hundreds of tropical trees and plants we have growing at Bhuwana. Harvesting is one of the favorite activities in Bhuwana Ubud Hotel. We are so grateful of mother nature’s abundance and are so happy to share all of it with you.

    We have many medicinal plants growing here at Bhuwana, you may have never seen or heard of before, we invite you to discover them on our herbal walk and of course to try our tonic drinks, inspired on the ancient Indonesian traditional knowledge of herbal remedies.

    Rice Field Trekking

    As the sun gently rises, the morning dew still lingers on the leaves and flower petals, the light every slowly changing and becoming brighter. These are perfect moments to discover the surrounding rice fields, led by our friendly guide. Explore the surroundings of Bhuwana, by crossing the small river and accessing the nearby village where you can chat with local people. We welcome you to discover the true Bali by experiencing the life within.

    Cooking Class

    Cooking classes at Bhuwana can include harvesting fresh ingredients in our garden, as well as morning market tours that let you discover the variety of tropical ingredients, exotic fruits and vegetables and aromatic colorful spices before your hands-on experience in recreating age-old traditional dishes – At Bhuwana we can teach you to make a variety of Balinese and Indonesian dishes, as well as medicinal herbal tonics, juices and desserts.