Bhuwana Ubud Hotel, When Human and Nature becoming as One
July 17, 2017
Bhuwana Ubud Hotel Has Committed To Support Sustainable Tourism
September 3, 2017

Training program through involving local residents as employees

Through discussions with local residents and community leaders we have learned that investment in skills development and longer-term education legacy programs are important to local residents around us. The primary goals of why we create this program is to transfer concrete leadership skills and increase people’s sense of being agents of change into their region. One key to achieving these goals is starting with the fundamental belief that each participant and the communities that they represent are assets.

We make them as our employees. We teach them how to welcoming people and share a happiness inside hotel with our visitors. Not only that we also give them a knowledge how to learn yoga and others meditating activities that become one of the most favorite activity by our visitors. Farming, harvesting and rice field tracking are also the main objective that involved in our training program.

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