The Bhuwana Ubud Hotel : Inspiring Place for a Better Life
March 4, 2017
Training program through involving local residents as employees
July 17, 2017

Bhuwana Ubud Hotel, When Human and Nature becoming as One

Bhuwana Ubud Hotel is one of the most beautiful places to stay and can thus be defined as the medicines provided by the earth. Defined by its name, due to ancient Hindu writings the word “Bhuwana” means Earth, and “Ubud” means medicine, we can see how the meaningful of the name reflecting a wellness center, fresh vegetable, fruit and medicinal herb garden offer guests the opportunity to discover a lifestyle inspired by local wisdom. Located in the enchanting Pengosekan region of Ubud, this place maintains a peaceful atmosphere integrated with nature. As one of hotel that supporting the sustainability of tourism, a grateful vision we have is to help people bring a healthy lifestyle into their life, with how we appreciate nature and surroundings in a way to cherish people forever.

Bhuwana Ubud Hotel has very strong trend, we believe caring for the earth has become an ideal of many. The reason behind is the increase in demand has led therefore to a large range of hotels with planet friendly options for all requirements. From what we understand, to be as medicines place provided by the earth what is sought is to defend and protect everything natural. around us. Contact with nature is something almost inherent to the holiday, providing an opportunity to carry out environmental.

Bhuwana Ubud Hotel has commit to fully integrated into the environment without damaging the environment. That shows by our facilities and activity that our visitors can join and share with. A holiday at Bhuwana Ubud helps you appreciate nature and surroundings in a way you have never before while providing you with deepened knowledge, relaxation and memories that you will continue to cherish forever.

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