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    According to ancient Hindu writings the word “Bhuwana” means Earth and, “Ubud” means medicine. Bhuwana ubud can thus be defined as medicines that are provided by the earth.

    Located in the enchanting Pengosekan region of Ubud, the Bhuwana Ubud Hotel and Wellness center provides plush accommodation in 40 distinguished Deluxe Rooms, surrounded by tropical gardens. The green and golden rice fields, palm trees and soothing sound of flowing waters, make this location truly unforgettable.

    A wellness center, fresh vegetable, fruit and medicinal herb garden offer guests the opportunity to discover a lifestyle inspired by local wisdom. As a healthy lifestyle destination, Bhuwana Ubud maintains a peaceful atmosphere integrated with nature. To this regard, we are proud to support a smoke & alcohol-free environment.

    At Bhuwana Ubud, we would like to share the unique vision we have, which is to help bring a healthy lifestyle into your life. We offer diverse programs, tailored to your needs and desires. Some of our packages are:
    Rejuvenate body and mind, Marriage Relationship, Nature Trekking, Yoga and meditation retreats, Healthy Cooking and Juicing Class. It is our philosophy as a wellness center to support the surrounding environment, which is why we rely on support from our local community, and therefore applies several commitments to become ecologically sustainable.

    A holiday at Bhuwana Ubud helps you appreciate nature and surroundings in a way you have never before while providing you with deepened knowledge, relaxation and memories that you will continue to cherish forever.


    "To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."

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    As our commitment to our environment and community, we apply several policies to supports and grow our commitment to become a Sustainable-Ecologically based hotel. It is our responsible that is both ecologically and culturally sensitive. With the existence of the property then the impact on the environment as well. It carries both positive and negative stigma. The green movement has been widely spoken by many societies. However, is it really true? We hope to make the cleaning process a lifestyle and available to everyone interested in going to zero ways. In this way the impact grows exponentially around the


    Bhuwana Ubud Rebranding

    Posted on July 22, 2015

    Bhuwana Ubud was re-branding with a vision to bring healthy lifestyle into your life. We offer a truly of healthy lifestyle programs, covering: Detox, Rejuvenated body and mind, Marriage Relationship Nature Trekking, Healthy Cooking and Juicing Class. With its concept of becoming a healthy hotel, we realizes that it will not be achieve if the surrounding environment does not support a healthy nature ambience. Support from the local community play important role to create the peaceful living. As our commitment to our environment and community, we apply several policies to supports and grow our commitment to become a Sustainable-Ecologically